Cookies start at $75/dozen

Check out our photo gallery for some previous custom sets we have done. See below for pricing/payment, flavors, packaging, and shipping info. Everything is 100% customizable, so you can pick and choose any cookies you see here that you like, or ask us about creating custom designs; we love helping bring your ideas to reality! To request a date/quote, message us on our Facebook page, and submit the form below:


Cookies start at $75/dozen, but can range beyond $90 for very complex/detailed orders

Pricing depends on specific designs chosen and quantity. The following factors can influence the price of the cookie set:

  • Size of cookies
    • Standard base pricing is $1/inch
  • Variety of colors and icing consistencies
  • Intricacy and amount of details
  • Use of hand-painted gold/silver/rose gold
  • Hand lettering script or plain writing
    • Writing on cookies increases price
    • Hand lettering (thick fancy cursive) is more complex than plain writing (thin cursive/serif script)
  • Use of airbrush or watercolor
  • The need to make a custom stencil or cookie cutter
  • Logos
  • Variety of dough flavors
  • Overall time/effort that will be spent handmaking the designs
    • 1 dozen cookies takes at least a full work day to make/chill/cut/bake dough, make icings, decorate cookies, plus 24 hr. drying time, photographing, and packaging

Examples of how the complexity/intricacy of designs can vary greatly, varying the prices:

Additional fees for your order may come from:

  • $10 rush fee for an order within 5 days of event
  • Delivery fees
    • $8 delivery to surrounding Clemson/Seneca area (including on/off campus housing)
    • $4 delivery to our local Seneca pickup at Technology Solutions (301 Bypass 123, Seneca, SC 29678)
  • Gluten/Dairy-free options
    • GF – $5 upcharge
    • GF/DF – $10 upcharge
  • $0.30/cookie packaging fee for shipping materials
  • $0.50/cookie to be individually bagged with decorative shred and bow (see packaging info)

PLEASE NOTE: We recently had to adjust our prices due to the increase in the cost of ingredients

Payment can be made in cash at pickup, through Venmo, or we can email an invoice that you can pay with a credit card.

Sugar Cookie Flavors
  • Birthday Cake
    • Standard unless other flavor is specified
    • Can customize sprinkles to match color scheme with advanced notice
  • Plain
  • Chocolate
    • Tastes like a brownie!
  • Red Velvet
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Salted Caramel
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Apple Spice
  • Lavender Lemon
  • Lemon
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry
  • Gluten/Dairy-free
    • Can be made in any flavor
    • Up to $10 upcharge due to cost of ingredients
    • We cannot guarantee our workspace to be 100% allergen free or guarantee no cross-contamination, but we do our best to keep those foods/ingredients separate
  • Other flavors upon request

There are two standard options for wrapping your cookies for transport that are free of charge:

  • On a platter or in window gift boxes with matching food-safe shred, wrapped in a large cellophane bag with a bow (ready to serve)
  • Individually heat sealed and placed in a decorative box with matching shred and wrapped with a bow (ready to hand out to guests to take home, or to be stored in the freezer)
    • Most student deliveries are packaged like this so they can store extras in the freezer

For $0.50/bag, we can individually wrap each cookie in a bag with matching food-safe shred and tied with a bow (great for business events or weddings):


PLEASE NOTE: We are not shipping cookies at the moment

  • Orders can be shipped through the U.S. via Fedex or USPS
  • Shipping costs depend on the courier and can range greatly
    • Costs are out of our control, and we charge you what they charge us
    • We don’t know shipping cost until the package is dropped off for shipping, so we charge for the order at that point, after it is at the courier
  • We cannot be held liable for unforeseen delays in shipping/delivery time or damages to the package due to the courier
    • We ensure we ship the cookies out early enough to allow some buffer time for a timely delivery
    • We package each order thoroughly to ensure your order arrives unbroken
  • 1-2 dozen cookies ship as a roughly 3’x2’x2′ package due to all packaging materials
    • We charge an additional $0.30/cookie for packaging materials and labor
    • There will be about 5-10 mins of unpacking required due to all the packaging materials
  • We have a near-perfect success rate with unbroken cookies
    • Your order means a lot to us, so we package each one with care to ensure your order arrives in-tact and ready to serve

Are we booked for your date, or are you nervous about shipping cookies? We know other Cookiers throughout the nation and can recommend someone local to you!